Dana’s Grip

Dana's Grip - Four Sizes



Don’t you just love it when you kick your shoes off, unbuckle your pants, flip open the laptop, and cruise to your favorite sex sites, where Argendana, your favorite female anal pornstar is screwing massive sex toys that take two hands to hold?  You watch as her partner gets on their knees, and stick those xxl sex toys, hands and all, into her pleasure hole. Takes fisting to a whole new level, doesn’t it?  You want to try it but can’t just trust anyone to perform such a feat. That’s why we bring you Dana’s Grip. Inspired and approved by the Queen of extreme fisting and anal insertions herself, Dana. You get the cock and the guiding hands all in one. There is no other toy like this. With Dana’s Grip you won’t just take this toy balls deep, you’ll also take it wrists deep. 

This is one of our high end sex toys that has so many design elements you’ll want to just sit back and marvel (at least until you can’t take it any longer and just want to shove it inside of your ass). The cock itself is meaty and thick. You can see the skin pulled back from the delicious head. You can feel the veins protruding around the dick. And then there are the hands. Two perfectly manicured hands, fingers spread, holding on tight to the cock, making it that much more stimulating as it goes into you. 

There is also the actual sensation of forcing this bad boy into your body. You’re going to need a lot of cumlube. It is designed only for those who love to be gaped wide open with a toy. It’s designed for those who take fisting seriously. With the skin folds,  the ten fingers, and all those knuckles you’re going to feel a lot of different sensations inside you. Dana’s Grip comes in four sizes, small for those starting out, and XXXL for those holes that are already well trained. You can also choose the color. Colors are hand mixed so they will vary.

This toy is for two people: Someone looking for a naughty work of art who wants to display it under lights for all to see, and for those who want to shove the biggest, fattest, fisting toy inside of their body. Whatever category you fall under, you’ve found exactly what you want with the Dana’s Grip dildo. 

Return Policy: Due to the design and material of the product, there are absolutely no returns on orders unless the product is defective. Before placing an order take care to look over the product dimensions. Know the size of the toy you are purchasing before placing the order. Going for the biggest toy isn’t always the best option for everyone. Of course, you can always contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will make sure you’re taken care before the purchase, so then the toy can appropriately take care of you after. 

International Orders: If you live outside of the United States you will be responsible for paying any and all taxes and duties for your respective country.